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Free Shipping + Accepting Cash On Delivery

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When do we receive our order?

90% of times products are delivered within 3- 5 days. Rare cases may take 6-8 Days.

Is Tracking available?

As soon as we ship your order, tracking number is sent to you via mail/sms

Is COD available?

Yes, COD is available. 

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can if you notify us within 24 hours from your purchase. 

Real people, not bots

Luckily, i was their 1000th customer and they sent me a cute gift along with my order. Thank you guys, really, these small things matter a lot.

Isha M.

10/10 marks for the special offers that you curate for repeat customers. Was able to buy a juicer from them at very cheap price because of a special discount code they had delivered to my mailbox.

Priya J.

"We are humans. We make mistakes sometimes. haha" . Thats what their customer support told me when they delivered a wrong product and this holds true. Anyways, heads up to your customer support guy who got my issue solved fast.

Raman S.